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Mustard Mag — The Indie Comedy Magazine

4.6 ( 3536 ratings )
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개발자: Empirical Magic
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Mustard is an independent comedy mag thats jam-packed with funny words and pictures plus exclusive interviews. Mustard has been described as the British answer to The Onion and has a bit of a cult following.

It has appeared in episodes of Channel 4s BAFTA-winning sitcom The IT Crowd (and the cover of their DVD), quotes from the mag have been used on greetings cards, sections have been reprinted in books and magazines, and John Cleese was photographed buying the mag in London.

But dont just take our word for it…

• Brilliantly funny! — BBC
• Absolutely cracking! — CHANNEL 4
• First class original humorous content. More than enough to keep comedy fans happy. — THE GUARDIAN
• Naughty, observant and very very funny... made me laugh out loud on the tube. A satirical gem. — THE TELEGRAPH
• A genuinely entertaining comedy mag, Mustard is funny and smells delicious. We approve. — WORD
• Mustard, well named, always adds a dash of something special. — MICHAEL PALIN
• Endlessly hilarious and effortlessly cool. — ALAN MOORE
• Mustard is put together by funny people who clearly love comedy. — RICHARD HERRING
• Like The Onion? Then youll love Mustard. — PATTON OSWALT